Signature Required In Shipping - Shipping Service
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Signature Required In Shipping - Shipping Service



UPS Signature Required is a value-added service that requires the recipient to sign for a parcel before it's released into their possession. This way, you and the customer both enjoy the peace of mind that comes with successful delivery. 

What Is UPS Signature Required?

UPS Signature Required is just one delivery confirmation service available from UPS.

Delivery confirmation requires the recipient or a responsible party to sign for a parcel before it can be delivered. In other words, the recipient has to be physically present to receive their package. Until a signature is secured, UPS won’t drop off the package.

Delivery confirmation services are available from all common couriers. This is because package security and guaranteed delivery are important for both merchants and customers. These services are used frequently by people sending or receiving items that are high-value, precious, or dangerous (like firearms). 

Packages that aren’t signed forget returned to the local delivery hub. The delivery driver leaves a paper notice and an online notification to inform you that a delivery attempt was made, and will be re-attempted.

These notifications allow the shipper to verify the status of a package, and whether it's been delivered safely. Meanwhile, the recipient can rest assured that their order will only make it into their hands.

UPS offers three versions of delivery confirmation services, including:

UPS Signature Required

UPS collects the recipient's signature upon delivery or an electronic equivalent.

As the shipper, you receive a confirmation notice for a completed delivery. You can view the recipient's signature or electronic acknowledgment of receipt on the UPS tracking page that corresponds to the shipment.

The Benefits of UPS Signature Required, Etc.

UPS Signature Required and delivery confirmation services are often used when shipping high-ticket items, sensitive documents, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals.