Dave Johnson

Denver, Colorado, USA

I moved to Colorado 20 years ago after finishing my Masterā€™s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have always wanted to live near the mountains and experience snow on a regular basis. I love calling Colorado my home!

Like many other Perfumers I stumbled into researching aromas. Specifically tuberose because of a body wash that smelled incredible! I had been doing aromatherapy for over 25 years, but the smell of this body wash was some thing I had never experienced before. I wanted to know what it was! I began researching tuberose and purchased a fragrance oil by that name. It was completely inferior to the aroma of the body wash so I set out to find out if I could make it. This was not too out of my realm in my mind because I have been making body and spa care products for 20 years.

I had just never made my own fragrances. The more and more I researched the more fascinated I became with aroma molecules! I slowly purchased a few while studying and researching every single day. Studying and researching on a daily basis has continued. One way perfumery has changed me is my new attention to detail. Writing down everything in a formal and orderly way is now a way of life for me when it comes to formulations and labeling aroma molecule bottles. I started doing this in the very beginning which I am grateful for now. It is just a natural habit now.



Sweet Pineapple

The aroma performance of hand-harvested pineapples at the peak of ripeness.


Green Moss

Rounded notes of verdant moss give movement to multiple facets of a warm tropical forest floor.



Imagine beautifully clean cotton T-shirts being line-dried on a fresh summer morning.

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