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Make Your Own Perfume: Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 Formula #1

by Nenad Nikolic on November 10, 2022

Homemade perfume for Men and Women
DIY Perfume inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540

Materials used:
Sweet Moss Specialty Base 0001

Amber Specialty Base 0001

Floral Specialty Base 0001
Citrus Specialty Base 0001

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by Saad on August 29, 2023

I like your product but i cant order they dont let mee even im from canada

by MADHUSUDHANAN V on August 29, 2023

Thanks for sharing knowledge.

by KJ on August 29, 2023

What if I want to change the recipe to have a stronger smell like a 60/40 rather than a 10/90?

by Dawoad on November 18, 2022

Hi how are want to have all

by Ludy on November 18, 2022

Very interested but i cannot log in into my account


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